Friday, August 5, 2011

Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears Reunite In Secret

Britney Spears is reportedly obsessing over Lindsay Lohan. Although, the two stars haven't hung out together for years, the "Not That Innocent" singer has been waxing increasingly nostalgic about the days when she and her then BFF, Li Lo, were the wildest and craziest gals in Hollywood. So, she's come up with a way to keep in touch with her old friend secretly by phone.

According to inside sources, Britney Spears, whose life is now stable but bo-ring, "misses the fun and craziness of having Lindsay [Lohan] in her life. Despite Lindsay's career and legal troubles, Brit wants to rekindle their friendship. So she secretly purchased a pre-paid cell phone – specifically to make secret phone calls to her behind Jason and Jamie's back. If either one found out Brit's in touch with Lindsay again, they'd flip – but with the pre-paid phone, they can't track their talks."

So, what do the no longer sober Linday Lohan and the now supposedly "cured' Britney Spears talk about? Reportedly, their favorite topics are Lindsay's hopes for the future and Britney's obsession with the past. Reportedly, La Lohan was overjoyed to hear from her old friend. She wanted to know how she could "rehab her image" and salvage what's left of her career just like Spears did. Britney, on the other hand, simply wants to reminisce about the good old bad old days, and relive them if possible.

Yikes. To say that Spears' boyfriend, Jason Trawick and her mom, Jamie Spears would "flip" if they knew Britney was obsessing about her unstable past with Lindsay Lohan is the ultimate understatement. Especially considering some of Lindsay's and Britney's outrageous antics back in the day. The 2 unruly former Disney darlings used to cause riots just getting out of cars. Nevertheless, according to sources, Britney has already made plans to hook up with her old friend for that very reason. Lohan has never left the wild life behind.

"Britney just loves hearing about Lindsay's party-hopping in LA and New York – and hanging with fun guys," reveals the insider. "She really misses the fast-lane lifestyle. She'll organize a top secret face-to-face when she gets time off from her tour."

For Britney Spears' sake, that will hopefully never happen. For several years now, Britney's life has been stable, and her career is now back on track. If the two women reconnect, it is doubtful that Spears will be a good influence on her old friend. It is infinitely more likely that Lindsay Lohan will simply drag Britney down with her.

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