Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lady Gaga is the Complete Opposite of Beyonce

Lady Gaga recently discussed her love for the “loneliness” that comes with her lifestyle while on American talk show, The View. When surrounded by people 24/7, Lady Gaga says she appreciates the time that she has to herself.

The pop icon shared that she could never imagine doing something like Beyonce did, as she took a year off of her career to travel across the world prior to releasing her new album, 4.

The New York native claims that she thrives on being busy and wouldn’t be able to deal with that much leisurely time. “I’m actually the complete opposite… I think I want to see less of the world! I kind of just wanna be with my friends,” Lady Gaga said.

“I stay really, really close to the people who have always inspired me. I sort of treasure the loneliness (of being a pop star). As a strong Italian female, I don’t feel that I necessarily feel the need to be entertained by other things all the time… I like to cook, I like to make music…” Mother Monster added.

It looks like Lady Gaga won’t be taking much time off of her career any time soon, and we must say we’re pretty happy about that!


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